This little light came into my life in 2007. He had been hit by a car and dropped off at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and basically abandoned there. He was there for four months until Alameda East reached out to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to ask if they would consider taking him into their care. Of course they said yes. I had recently lost my sweet Sophie to cancer and was broken hearted. My other dog Maddie was also terminally ill with cancer and I was just overwhelmed with sadness. My neighbor suggested that I might just look at SHLR’s website. I thought I would look but that I wasn’t ready for a new dog. Then I saw this face and I was doomed to love him. I filled out their application and provided references….my friends, my vet, anyone who could speak to how I care for my dogs. They called me immediately and gave me the news that Lucas would be mine. Before I knew it, this little bundle of energy was delivered to my door. He popped into the house, looked around and you could hear him say, “Nice place! I guess I’ll stay. I’ll be happy here!” and that was that. He was with me when I lost Maddie and was so important in helping both Kelly and I heal from losing both our dogs just three months apart.

Of course, he periodically jumped the fence and went on adventures, chased bunnies and squirrels and an occasional skateboarding kid, but I always rounded him up quickly. He was the “play police dog” of the dog park. He loved soggy grass and would get the “Zoomies” whenever he found a wet patch of grass. He was addicted to staring at me with love in his eyes and honestly, I was addicted to staring back into his beautiful brown eyes. And his fur was so angel soft. He was very protective of me, his car, his brother Kirby, and the people he loved.

I don’t know what else to say about this great little guy. So many years together. So many stories that I know will come into my mind from time to time and make me smile through my tears. Safe journey across the waters, sweet boy. When it is my time, swim out to guide my canoe home.