Any dog would be lucky to find a forever home with Paul, but it’s sweet two-year-old Pearl (nka Lucky) who is the lucky pup that now gets to call him dad.

Paul tells us:

Lucky_201605_250pxI changed her name to “Lucky” as I felt that both she and I have been “lucky”. My last dog was also a rescue. My best friend begged me to take his dog as he was dying of leukemia–a Great Dane in black so “Midnight” was appropriate. I had her for three wonderful years, but she was nearly 14 and could no longer walk. Finally, after carrying her nearly a mile (106 lbs.), she could no longer make her rear legs work. I spent her last night on the floor with her in her bed because she was in such pain. I had to take her to the vet to resolve her pain and both the vet and I were crying as we put her down.

So Lucky has filled a huge hole in my heart. She has her own bed but she tries to climb in bed with me! This is a rescue dog that wandered the streets for an unknown time. This wonderful dog now follows me everywhere as she is afraid I will disappear. Right now, she is lying on one foot because she wants to know that I am with her.

Her ribs were showing when I got her, so I confirmed with the vet that she needed a little more food. No table scraps, of course, but a correct food for her weight and breed. However, Miss Lucky will eat ANYTHING. I had a loaf of pumpernickel in the most recent food shopping expedition for my parents and within 5 minutes, on the trip home, she consumed it! Mother was upset, but I was impressed. Lessons learned. She has become a part of the family. My parents adore her. She is cherished.

Your organization has done so much for our friends. Thank you.