Lucy found her prince charming in an 18-year-old cat and instead of a glass slipper it is a food bowl. Rosa and Garry introduced their three cats to several Safe Harbor Labradors before Lucy was the one that finally received the feline stamp of approval. The oldest cat was smitten right away with this seven-year-old yellow.  With the energy of a puppy she is slowly winning over the youngest of her three new siblings.  This new family member has made Rosa and Garry’s home Purr-fect!

Here is an update:

In early July Lucy came blowing into our home like a whirlwind of energy. Hurricane Lucy, as she has come to be called, has a contagious happiness that infects everyone she meets.  She is a blonde bundle of joy who possesses all the characteristics that make labs America’s favorite breed.  Sadly, her story is not atypical. She started life with a breeder and was then sold to a family who found they no longer had time to care for her.  To the family’s credit, they contacted Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and relinquished the seven-year-old pup to the Rescue in the hope that Lucy might find a better situation.  Enter us.  My husband and I had been looking for a new family member ever since our beloved 17-year-old Lab passed last fall.  What complicated our search was that we needed a dog who not only likes, but absolutely loves cats.  Our three cats grew up with dogs and they view dogs as simply less graceful, somewhat smellier, full members of the family of almost equal standing to the felines.  The cats want to sleep in the same bed, eat out of the same bowl (often at the same time), and face licking is not only allowed but encouraged.  Safe Harbor graciously worked with us to find the right fit and allowed us to introduce several dogs to our cats to see if there was a match.  Unfortunately, we kept striking out.  Then came Lucy.  In her previous home Lucy cohabitated with a cat so when she became available Safe Harbor optimistically arranged with us another “cat scan”.  For one of our cats – the oldest at 18 – it was love at first sight.  Our middle cat took a few days to warm up to the flaxen tempest but now comfortably sleeps in proximity to Lucy and they often hang together.  Our third cat, the youngest, is still uncertain of this new Gigantor with the four semi-coordinated legs attached to a tail that swings like Babe Ruth’s bat, but we remain upbeat that acceptance is coming.   It is our joy and privilege to be Lucy’s new family and we are extremely grateful to Cathie O’Connor of Safe Harbor for being the patient, persistent matchmaker.

Thanks to Amy M for fostering Lucy and Cathie O for helping with the cat-troductions!