The dashing and delightful Luke is thoroughly enjoying his life of Lab luxury and leisure in his new home with Daniel and Margaret. He’s a gorgeous boy from head to tail and an enthusiastic friend to all the two and four-legged folks he meets. Despite his fast rise from homeless pup to head honcho of his very own backyard acreage, Luke tries hard to stay humble and very rarely brags to his dog buddies about his fabulous new family life.

Margaret and Daniel tell us:

Six-year-old Lucas, now known as Luke, is the second dog we have adopted from SHLR. Our first was Charlie Brown, who became Mr. Brown. He was an eight-year-old chocolate Lab mix who gave us six wonderful years before dying in our arms at the age of 14. We bonded with Luke immediately, as he did with us, eagerly jumping into our car and making himself right at home. He readily adapted to the Invisible Fence encircling our two acres and enjoys exploring the property. Probably because he is blind in one eye, he isn’t much of a retriever, as we sometimes have to point out where the ball went. He loves our long walks and playing tug of war. He is very mellow and friendly to strangers and other dogs, although some aren’t quite sure about his eagerness to play. We sometimes humorously call him “Splat” due to the fact that when he lays down he does so suddenly with a loud clunk as he spreads his front legs out in front with his chin on the floor. Luke also has this curious attribute in that when he gets excited he does what we call “the butt run” where he runs at full speed with his hindquarters held low. It’s quite humorous. Thank you SHLR for bringing us these wonderful dogs!