David and Joel added a handsome three-year-old Lab pup to their family last spring, and it didn’t take him long to settle in and make himself right at home.  Now known as Luke, he’s a lively, funny, and very clever chocolate chap who has proven to be a good office mate and break-time buddy, a champion napper and enthusiastic playmate, as well as a bit of a Houdini hound at times.

Luke’s dads recently sent us an update on their new boy:

 We’ve been having fun getting to know Luke (aka Reese). Luke has quite the personality. Luke is not a morning dog and often looks at us like we are nuts when getting up early for the day, but he is dutiful and gets up to make sure we don’t need his assistance. We both work from home, so Luke spends most of his morning alternating between our offices and reminds us once the sun is up that it’s time for his walk. Luke is a great walking companion. After his walk, Luke alternates his midday naps between our offices, and by midafternoon, is usually up on our bed, on his dog blanket looking out the window…kind of like a cat. Luke enjoys accompanying us to the mailbox, and then it’s usually time for play time, i.e fetch with his squeaky toy, tennis ball, pull rope, etc.  When we settle down for the evening, Luke is great with cuddling and uses our laps for pillows. At bedtime, Luke would love to sleep up on the bed, but by lights out, he complies and goes to his bed.

Luke is quite social and loves meeting other dogs for play. Luke LOVES to swim, car rides, and to run and be silly. However, Luke is a problem-solver and can get out of his crate, open bedroom doors — he thinks through things.  Luke keeps us on our toes in a good way.

 We Love Luke, and we’re glad he’s come to live with us.