The new kid at James and Jamie’s house is a beautiful four-year-old Lab boy named Luke.  Luke couldn’t believe his luck when he met his new canine brother, Eddie, a four-year-old Lab/Shepherd fellow who enthusiastically welcomed Luke into the family and showed him the way to the toybox.  “Hey, you look just like me but with a different ear-do!,” Luke exclaimed when introductions were made, and that was the beginning of a beautiful forever friendship.   James and Jamie sent us an update on their boys:After losing our older pup Abby in March we thought our younger pup Eddie needed a new friend.  So, we were able to adopt Luke in June and we couldn’t be happier. He is such a sweet, goofy boy and he and Eddie have become the best of friends.  They do everything together including taking the humans for walks, playing chase and keep away, tugging on various toys, and then ending the day with a good snuggle up.  Luke is a wonderful addition to our family and we are glad we could give him a forever home.Here are some pictures of Luke (and Eddie) We love him so much! Many thanks to Greg for fostering Luke!