This delightful little doll is Luna. She’s a clever girl who knows a good thing when she sees it and instantly claimed David and Anne as her very own the moment they met at her foster home. Just a little bit of a pup with some growing left to do, lovely Luna could be the softest, sweetest, little Lab around and always spreads yellow Lab sunshine wherever she goes.

Luna’s new parents sent us an update on their girl:

We adopted Clara one month ago.  We renamed her Luna as part of her fresh start in life.  She is a sweet six-month-old Lab and we could not be happier.  All the folks at Safe Harbor Lab Rescue were terrific.

Luna was a bit cautious at first in her new home but has truly blossomed.  She loves her three walks per day to the nearby park and has become the self-crowned queen of our large backyard.  She revels in roaming the yard, discovering its secrets, and greeting the neighbor’s dogs through the fence.

Luna now sits and lies down on command, and loves receiving a treat for such behavior.  She learns readily and rarely pulls on her leash on walks.

Lately a flock of Canada geese has occupied our neighborhood park, and Luna is fascinated by these newly discovered creatures.  She sits at attention and intently watches them, and yesterday decided to move towards them.  They all flew off honking and she was fascinated by their noisy winged departure.

We have had several yellow Labs in the past, but Luna is perhaps the sweetest and mellowest.  She is very obedient, loves sleeping in her kennel at night, and rarely makes a fuss.

We know we made a great decision in adopting Luna, and she loves her new home and family.