Danielle and Jeremy’s family grew by four feet and an immeasurable amount of puppy adorableness when they adopted a five-month-old Lab girl last summer. This sweet pup took some time out of her busy schedule to send us a note and catch us up on her new family life.

Hi SHLR! This is Izzie, writing from my new home with my new Mom and Dad, Danielle and Jeremy. Mom and Dad call me Luna now. It took me a little while to get used to, but frankly I don’t care what they call me because life here is awesome! I have a new brother named Henry and we romp in the yard all day long. The backyard here is huge! It’s like my own little forest. My new Mom and Dad love me very much and I get lots of cuddle time. They don’t like when I sleep in their bed but sometimes I sneak up anyways. I just have to look cute and they let me stay. The best part about living here is that I get to go on so many adventures. I’ve learned to swim and I’ve met so many new friends at the dog park. Mom and Dad tell me that once I am older I get to start running and backpacking with them. I don’t know what backpacking is but they said we all get to sleep in a tent together so it must be great. Oops gotta go! Mom just pulled out a new toy!


Luna (aka Izzie)