What a difference a few months, the kindness of strangers, and a healthy combination of love, care, and home-cooked meals can make! Six-month-old black Lab sisters, Annie and Bunny, were rescued in the nick of time by animal control officers in rural Arkansas, who then made sure that these two girls were safe and cared for until they could make their way to us. For the first time in her young life, Annie began to dare to dream of a Lab-loving family of her very own. She soon learned that dreams can come true when she met her fabulous new mom, Mary, who quickly decided to make this lovely young girl a part of her family. Annie is now known as Mabel, and she is a happy, resilient pup who is leaving her past far behind and thoroughly enjoying her new life of family, fun, and felines, as she cuddles up with her new kitty brother, Hairy, and looks forward to the next and best chapters of her wags to riches story.

Mabel’s new mom recently sent us an update: Mabel (formerly Annie) came home to live with us on October 1. She’s a sweet, silly girl who got busy right away fitting in!

Mabel and her sister, Bunny, were found tied up, abandoned and starving on a farm in Arkansas. Bunny had also been shot in the jaw. Safe Harbor Lab Rescue not only saved these dogs’ lives, they loved them and gave them back their faith in people. Considering her past, Mabel is very well adjusted, happy and healthy. I know Bunny is just fine, too, because she dragged my friend’s very heavy purse clear across the floor!

My biggest concern in bringing home a new dog was whether it would get along with our 11-year-old Maine Coon cat, Hairy Belly Fontay. Hairy is a great cat, and he loved our 13-year-old lab, Calvin, who was exceptionally mellow. But a six-month-old puppy?! As soon as we walked in with Mabel, Hairy came over to check her out – a very good sign. I still watched nervously as they interacted until I realized they were better off figuring it out for themselves. One Saturday morning, Mabel started nudging Hairy, “Play with me, play with me!” I put the newspaper up in front of my face so they could just work it out. When I peeked back around, Hairy’s arm was extended all the way out and he had a grip on Mabel’s eyebrow as she gingerly tried to back away. The next morning, Mabel put her chin gently on Hairy’s back and Hairy reached around to touch noses. They’ve been buddies ever since.

We’ve been working on Mabel’s sit-stay for meals. She’s got the concept, if she could just keep her wiggly little rear on the floor!

Thank you, Safe Harbor, for saving our lovely Mabel.