Mac was such a blessing to our family. She loved to go on long walks every day. My husband worked from home and she would be by his side all day. She loved to go camping. As soon as the RV pulled up she would want to go out and get in it even if we were not leaving until the next day. She loved sitting outside and rolling in the dirt and grass. Snow was her absolute favorite!  She would frolic through the snow like a puppy.  She loved to play with balls and a Frisbee. Everyone in the neighborhood new her and loved her. On our walks she would be off-leash and any house with a garage door up was in invitation for her to come in. She would greet the home owner and walk around checking it out. She was so funny.

We moved to Larkspur in October 2015 and she and my son shared a room. They became best buddies. Mac would lay in the hallway so she could look upstairs to see when Jake came home. At 3:00 she would go outside and stare at the driveway watching for Jake to pull up after work. She would walk around the house and meet them in the garage to say “hello”. Then she would walk back down because she could not get down the stairs anymore. She was a joy and a treasure who we all loved so much. There is a big hole in our hearts now that she is gone. We were blessed to have known and loved her for the past 9 years. She was 14 yrs old plus 5 months when she went to Heaven. We know that she is having a blast with her friend Annie!