Five-year-old Mac is living his best life in his new home with John and Linda, who have been helping him learn how to put his best paw forward every day.  This gorgeous, good-natured Lab boy has been busy studying to catch up on his lessons and is working hard at mastering the art of walking his new parents on a loose leash. As the self-designated family exercise trainer, Mac knows the importance of proper form and consistent practice and can be found most mornings proudly taking his new parents out for a spin. John and Linda sent us an update shortly after Mac joined the family:Mac has been here going on a month now and has settled in quite well although initially he was very anxious, likely from all the recent changes in his life.  I suspect that his description as being a “goof ball,” which doesn’t appear to apply to him, resulted from anxiety.  He is a voracious eater, even for a Lab, and had developed a habit of counter surfing that caught us off guard.  “Zac George” training is helping to undo this. He is an avid walker and has helped us reacquire an appreciation for sunrises. He easily does 3½ miles a day, good for the entire family. The first few walks were “pully,” but Zac is helping out there also.  His disposition is very sweet and he interacts very well with people, although doesn’t have much interest in other dogs which abound in our neighborhood.  Having him here is a pleasure for us, so thank you SHLR.