It could be destiny, or it could be a coincidence. Still, even the biggest skeptics would probably agree that Les had a nudge from the heavens to ensure she was Mac’s forever home. Their connection is the magic that has filled the holes in their lives. This chocolate Lab is learning the soft comforts of his new home, and the love of his new mom is just what his 10-year-old body needs. He is open to learning new things, just as Les was open to the signs Mac was meant to be.

Les gave us the story and the update:

Hi Debbie and ladies – thanks for this. I wrote up a copy when I got Mr. B (damn, I miss that dog! He was so joyful – joy-filled!) … and am happy to do it again – this time for Mac.

How Mac came to be mine … I had to say goodbye to my lovely, joy-filled, total goober Mr. B (another SHR adoptee) very unexpectedly – one minute he was fine/the next he was consumed with cancer and in organ failure. I was heartbroken. I contacted his foster dad to let him know about B and he went on to tell me he had a new foster – a beautiful, 10-year-old, chocolate male – would I be interested? Absolutely … NOT! NO MORE DOGS! Well, no more dogs – for at least a while – I was too upset, too heartbroken, too emotional. He said to come out for a visit anyway. So, being a nice day for a drive, I did. We chatted, and I met Mac – sweet, old guy – but I thought it best not to make any rash decisions. I thought it coincidental though that the dog’s name was Mac … the nickname of my late husband from the age of 10 (same age as the dog). I also thought it weird that my husband was the 13th in his family … and the next adoption would be my 13th dog. But I said no and drove away. On my way home, the song “I Couldn’t Live Without You” by Petula Clark (my husband’s fav singer from the ’60s), came on the radio. NO ONE plays PC songs these days! I pulled over and called a friend. She told me I’d be “plum crazy” not to get that dog. Plum Crazy was the name of my husband’s first car. Okay, I get it!! I’m not into supernatural things but so many signs and perhaps a little “help from above”. So, I did what any sane, rational person would do … I went back and got the dog!

Here’s his story …

Oh, life is GOOD! My new mom came and got me, crying all over me, and making me a soggy mess. I loved it! I remember jumping into her tiny car (I’m so glad I fit) and I just knew that life was going to take a turn for the better! Except for having to wear a Halloween costume that weekend, I was right! I now have a big yard and a ton of squirrels to chase but that takes too much energy; I’d rather just stand under the tree and look up at them from time to time – secretly hoping they just drop a nut or a cracker for me! I have a new little brother … Frankie. He is a 7-pound, tiny chihuahua but akin to a very tiny velociraptor and I’m glad he has no teeth! Sometimes we cuddle and mom thinks that is really cute. Mom thinks I was primarily an outside dog before as I really like to be inside sitting or lying on anything that is soft and comfy. We just got a new sofa and someday she hopes to be able to sit on it! I’ve pretty much taken over! I have a basket of toys which I love and I’ll throw a few around – but my favorite thing is to lay across my mom and gaze into her eyes for hours on end. I also love drooling, snoozing, and eating – but not in that order! Mom says I’m the king of being food-motivated – I’ll do anything for the tiniest bit of kibble or a green bean! I’m also learning to give kisses – who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We have dog friends that stop by, I go on W-A-L-K-S and “go-fers”, and I don’t even mind getting a bubble bath and my nails done. I’ve turned into a spa animal! Who knew?! Anyway, life is good! I am so glad to be here, and my mom is so happy, too. She keeps saying, “There’s nothing better for heartache than 67 pounds of chocolate.”

Thanks to CW for fostering and facilitating Mac!