Seven-year-old Maggie has a new family and eight-year-old Misty has a new sister and BFF! Maggie is a lovely raven-haired Lab with the glossiest coat around, and with her sweet disposition and playful, confident nature she is just the perfect pup to complete Elsie and Warren’s family.

Elsie tells us: “About a month ago Maggie joined our family and she is such a treat. She’s one of the most well- behaved pups we’ve had and she just loves toys, especially balls! She would play ball all day if we let her! Our other SHLR pup, Misty, is very shy and we wanted to find a companion for her that she would be comfortable with, and Maggie fits that bill perfectly. They’ve become fast friends, even napping together!

When she first arrived at our home, around 8 o’clock in the evening Maggie would sit in front of me and just stare, and at first I didn’t know what she wanted. I soon realized she wanted to go to bed and wasn’t sure where her bed was. Now when she’s tired, she just goes into the bedroom, jumps on our bed, which is now her bed too, and just goes to sleep whenever she’s ready to call it a day.

In the short time we’ve had Maggie she’s brightened our lives and we’re so glad we have her!”