Energizer Bunny move on over; Maggie has come to town.  She is a youthful yellow Lab, so bouncy she could rival LeBron’s standing box jump.  With older sister Smudge not far away, they make a great team and have learned to divide responsibilities and assets.  When not holding down the fort, you can find Maggie on the trail with her humans, Paula and David. Paula sent us an update:

Maggie (formerly known as Nellie)

Maggie has brought an enormous level of fun and energy to our pack.   She is loving, eager to please and more than ready to have fun.   From a standing position, Maggie can leap to eye level repeatedly.    It leaves us speculating that she may have a little kangaroo mixed in.  Maggie is an amazing trail dog.   With her nose pointed high in the air, she clearly knows when other animals are present, but she respects the command to stay.

Maggie and our 11-year-old silver Lab have easily divided their responsibilities.   Maggie protects the inside of the house while her sister protects the yard.  They are vigilant in their duties leaving us feeling quite safe.  They also learned to respect each other’s food, toys and beds with little assistance from the humans.

We are so grateful to SHLR for finding Maggie and to LaDean keeping her safe until we came along!  Thank you!!!!

Thanks to Holly and Ladean for fostering!