One-year-old Maggie has adjusted very well to her new home and owner, Sherman, and what a sweetheart bundle of joy she is!  In fact, her new owner feels like he hit the “jackpot” when he adopted Maggie.  When you adopt a dog that’s house trained, kennel trained, doesn’t want to run away, loves to ride in the car, isn’t afraid of thunder and lightning, and doesn’t bark, how can you feel any other way.  Maggie loves to take long walks in the neighborhood with her new owner, and enjoys “play dates” with friends and other Safe Harbor foster dogs.  Apart from wanting to relocate her owner’s shoes to different parts of the house, she has been the perfect dog and companion.  On top of that, Maggie just graduated from the “Basic Obedience Course” at the Ted Terroux Dog Training school.  She was one of the top dogs in the class and scored nearly perfect on her final skills training test.  She has been the perfect addition for her new owner and is very loved and spoiled. 

Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for the opportunity to adopt such a great dog and for all of the amazing work that your organization does.