Maggie is LOVE on four paws.  Forget canine rivalry, this special girl immediately took on the role of foster mom to their new pup Finley.  Miss Maggie has endured much difficulty in her six-years of life, but has come through with a sweet disposition and an amazing loyalty that she gives without reserve, to Kelly, John and the kids.  We are thrilled that they have adopted her into the family. Chelsea nka Maggie

Kelly and John sent us this update on Maggie to let us know how she is doing:  Chelsea has now become Maggie, and she is a wonderful addition to our household.  She is loving and wants to be near her people at all times.  She loves the entire family, but is especially bonded to Mom.  I call her my black shadow.  Her extra weight is a little slow to come off, but we’re working on it!  A typical Lab, she LOVES to eat.   Maggie has many wonderful attributes, but where she excels the most is being momma to our new lab puppy Finley.  Finley joined us at age 8 weeks, and Maggie had only been with us for two weeks at the time.  We were a bit nervous because she is so big and strong, and the puppy was tiny with sharp teeth!  Finley “took” to Maggie immediately, biting every inch of her.  We watched her every move, only to realize she was the most gentle and loving adoptive momma in the world, right from the start.  She lets the puppy bite on her and she only nibbles back.  I’ve seen Finley’s tiny head in her mouth, and she never bit down, she growls and acts tough, training Finley how to play properly.  If Finley gets too rough, she gives him a bit harsher of a nibble, and Finley backs off.  We call that a teaching moment.  I can’t imagine having to raise a puppy without her gentle teaching and guiding and we can’t imagine life in general without her!