Maggie has found her own slice of doggy heaven with her new dad, Daniel, and her new Lab sister, 9-year-old Nora.  At 2 1/2 years old, young Maggie is giving her new family the run-around, but they are loving having this enthusiastic youngster around to keep them on their toes.  Maggie’s dad is helping her catch up on her schooling, while big sister Nora is teaching her the ways of the world from a dog’s-eye view.  When it’s time for fun and games, Maggie is always first in line; and she’s looking forward to many family walks, hikes, swimming expeditions, and other outdoor pursuits, to work off some of her youthful energy and to keep her girlish figure slim and trim all year round.

Daniel tells us:

Maggie has been great! I am amazed at how well adjusted she seemed knowing just a little of her past. She and Nora have become pretty close, lots of muzzle licking and companionship. We spend time working on consistent, basic commands, keeping items off of the counters to discourage counter surfing, and going on long walks. She has more energy than Nora and I combined, so we’ve gone on some bike rides while Nora waits at home, and she loves to run! It’s been a great experience and I’m grateful I have to opportunity to provide a home for such a sweet girl. Nora and Maggie

Maggie (rear) is pictured showing off her big happy grin while out and about enjoying a beautiful Colorado day with big sister, Nora.