Rich and Gail’s family is complete once again now that Maisy’s in the house! Six-year-old Maisy is a natural blond with big brown eyes, a lovely full figure remove comma and just half a tail, but this lovely Lab girl is the complete package and can wag with the best of them. Maisy is embracing her new life with gusto as she soaks up all the love from her new parents and enjoys all the sights, sounds, and scents of her new country home.

Rich and Gail tell us:  Maisy is our second Lab from Safe Harbor. We lost our first Lab two years ago. Until recently, we hadn’t felt ready to get a new (or gently used!) dog. Along came Maisy, the most wonderful dog ever! Being retired, Maisy’s temperament was very important to us. No jumping on us please! Safe Harbor, as before, picked the perfect dog for us. She loves hanging out with us and following us everywhere.

Maisy loves life in the country. There just isn’t enough time in the day for sniffing all the new smells and roaming the countryside with us in tow. Maisy is one smart dog. In no time, she figured out how to get the treat out of the Kong toy. (She made me promise not to tell!) She enjoys frisbee and playing catch with a tennis ball. She loves to be in the kitchen when there is cooking going on but she minds her manners and lies on the floor, perhaps wishing a bit of food will fall her way.

I could go on and on about what an amazing dog she is, but suffice it to say we love her to pieces. She is such a blessing to us!