So many laps to choose from.  So many people to follow around and keep track of.  So many places to explore and balls to fetch. So many dog friends to run and play with.  “What’s a girl to do first? Which lap do I choose next?  Should I just toss the ball around and wait and see if we’re going to the mountains today? What time is breakfast?” ponders young Maisy each morning.  These are just a few of the many decisions one-year-old Maisy has had to make every day since joining Kristy and Chris’ very active family and gaining three teenage human siblings.  That’s a lot for a young pup to keep up with, but Maisy has shown that she is up to the task and is clearly loving every single moment of her new family life. Maisy’s new family sent us an update:Maisy (formerly known as Stella) came home with us on 10/28/23 and has completely stolen our hearts.  Maisy is our little shadow as she loves people and never wants us out of her sight. She also is a big fan of playing with other dogs – no matter their size.  Dog wrestling is her favorite pastime!  She is the fastest runner at the park and always brings the energy.  Toss, run, retrieve, return is her favorite game inside or outside.  Maisy also never refuses a good belly rub, especially at night when she settles down for bed.   She has spent quality time in the mountains already and loves the freedom of running off leash and jumping from snow bank to snow bank.  She is brave, sweet, adventurous, playful and loving!  She is the perfect fit for our active family.  Thank you SHLR!