One-year-old Maizee is really coming into her own with the love and guidance of her new dad, Daryl. Maizee is an athletic, very energetic girl who is always ready for the next opportunity to stretch her legs, whittle some lumber, or show her toys who’s boss.  She’s found her perfect home with Daryl, who makes sure that his active young pup gets ample opportunity to run, play, and swim to her heart’s content.Daryl sent us an update on his new girl:Freya is doing really well and getting better every day.  It has only been 11 weeks, but she has settled into a routine and is becoming such a great dog.  Her name is Maizee now.  The very first night I let her go crazy and chew up the box that her kennel came in.  She still loves to chew but now she has sticks and stumps and lots of good chew toys.  She is very intense and high energy.  We tried leash walks at first, but it wasn’t nearly enough.  Now we go every day either to the dog park, or her favorite – Union Reservoir.  She has already become a strong, fast swimmer. One night at home, I found an African wildlife show that she was very interested in.  She even reacted to a dog food ad on tv last night. As long as we get out to run off that abundant energy, she is learning to relax in her new home.  And she’s quite happy to join me for a nap once in a while.Many thanks to Beth and Mike S. and Ralston Valley Canine for fostering Maizee/Freya!