Joel and Sean were ready to give another lucky Lab a place to put down his bowl, hang up his leash, and settle in for a lifetime of love and leisure. Along came a distinguished, silver-muzzled gentleman Lab named Major, who was looking for a place to bunk in style, and they knew that this very good old boy would be the perfect new addition to their family.

Major’s new dads tell his story:  After his long and unstable youth wandering the deserts and hills of northern New Mexico, 10-year-old senior lab Major finally found his forever home with his new dads, Sean and Joel, in August 2018. Despite his ongoing treatments for Cushing’s disease, Major is living as normal a life as possible and enjoying all of the comforts and adventures that every good dog deserves. (But thank goodness for doggie doors, because he’s a drinker!)

Most days, Major gets to join Sean at work at the Camp Bow Wow corporate office, where he’s free to enjoy treats and sniff around with other pups. Though he’s a little slower due to his age, Major loves to get outdoors and play. When he’s not at work, Major enjoys long walks to Belleview Park, where he loves taking a dip in the creek, no matter how cold or seasonally inappropriate it is. He also loves hanging his head out of the window on car rides and exploring the woods near his family’s small cabin in the mountains.

Thank you, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, for facilitating the best golden years Major could hope for!