Colorado Avalanche fans Steve and Mona named their 6-month-old Safe Harbor Lab Rescue dog after the team’s wunderkind, Cale Maker. Makar’s new forever home has had successful results, much like the Stanley Cup winners. The family already had two-year-old Toby, a traumatized stray they adopted, who just did not know how to have some dog gone fun. Now that Makar is on this family’s roster, his mad puppy skills have taught Toby how to play.

Steve and Mona gave us an update:

In March we had to put our 12-½ year-old Goldie down rather unexpectedly. It wasn’t too long after we said goodbye to Dude that we began “the search.” We adopted “Scout” on May 22nd. Since we are big Avalanche fans, we decided to name him Makar (after Cale Makar #8). We’re sure this is why the AVs won the Stanley Cup!  Makar is only nine months old and a typical puppy…chewy chewy on things, lots of energy and still occasionally poops in the house. We haven’t had a puppy in about 25 years and that’s why. Oh we’ve always had one or two dogs but I always said I don’t want a dog younger than two. Well, I have to hand it to Foster Mom Andrea. She did her job. She posted great photos. Makar is adorable!

We have another rescue dog, Toby. We’ve had him one year and nine months. He will be three. He was found wandering the streets in OK. When we first got him it was quite obvious that he had been abused. He was very skittish, submissive and untrusting. Also, he didn’t know how to play. He skipped over the puppy part of his life to learn street smarts for survival. We weren’t sure how Toby would react to Makar. We all went to Makar’s foster parents’ house and held our breath. They hit it off right away. Makar has since taught Toby how to play!

Thanks to Andrea and Mike for fostering Scout/Makar!