Life will always be happy in Mako’s new forever family with several humans, dogs, and goats. It is a good thing there are so many play options because this beautiful boy has energy to spare. A fierce opponent to any dog toy, Mako usually ends up the winner. This clever five-year-old has no trouble navigating the snow or trails with his sizable paws yet makes himself small when wanting to cuddle.

Thanks Stephanie for fostering Chewie/Mako!

Jon sent us this update:

“Mako” aka “Chewy” is a very handsome Labrador mix. We ran a DNA test on him, which showed half lab, 23% rottweiler, 10% Border Collie and 8% Australian Shepherd. He has ginormous feet, and his tracks are about the size of an adult hand, looking like wolf prints. Although he was found as a stay, Mako is a very lovable and amazing addition to our family. We renamed him as part of our family christening, and he certainly fits the bill. Mako is super intelligent and already knows many obedience commands and he loves to please. He is SUPER high energy and enjoys roughhousing with our family, two other older dogs, and endlessly chasing our goats around the pasture. He was very thin when we adopted him and had a case of chronic diarrhea. We finally found the magic cure and now he’s solid muscle and has an armada of stuffy and chew toys to help keep himself occupied. Most rubber toys and stuffies are quickly demolished (within minutes!) but the rope toys and Kong’s survive a bit longer.

Don’t let his appearance fool you though. Mako thinks he’s a lap dog and is an expert cuddler on the couch. I work hybrid and when at home he’s a constant shadow companion. We all love Mako very much and are lucky to have such an amazing new member join our home. Mako absolutely relishes hiking up the mountains or fishing in the lake. We can’t wait for summer to take him backpacking and create new adventures together.