Easy-going Malcolm is like sunshine in the form of a dog. He is up for anything, and his fun-loving demeanor is infectious to his forever family. While it took some time for Shelly to find the right dog to fill the space left by her beloved greyhound, she knew it would happen. Malcolm’s clever nature and positive energy have been worth the wait. He is a quick learner who entertains his new family with new surprises. Even Cooper (his senior dog brother) feels more energetic from the bright influence of Malcolm.

Shelly gave us an update:

Sweet, quirky, little Malcolm has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  I’d been casually looking for a dog for over a year since my beloved greyhound crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I knew the perfect one would make itself known when the time was right.  Malcolm was definitely worth the wait!!  He loves going on walks and car rides and playing with his endless supply of toys.  He is a bundle of energy but also perfectly content chilling on his dog bed while I work —  he knows that walk is coming eventually.

His foster mama had already worked with him on basic commands and we continued those and have added “shake” to his skills.  He’s so smart and surprises me with something new or funny or he does almost every day.

A side benefit is that our 18 year old Beagle, Cooper, has an extra pep in his step since Malcolm came to live with us!

Thanks to Stephanie for being such a great foster mama to him.