All of our adopters are special, and none more so than kind folks like Debra and Rick who have a soft spot in their hearts and on their sofas for a beautiful senior pup or two.  Marvelous Malcomb was the latest lucky pup to join their crew, and he’s taking full advantage of all the perks of being a well-loved, well-spoiled, forever family Lab.Malcomb’s new parents sent us an update after he had settled in:A few days before Thanksgiving, Malcomb, a senior seven-year-old Chocolate Labrador, joined our family. Malcomb and Zeus, our senior Labrador-mix from SHLR, are now good buddies. Both dogs were outside dogs. They now have couches to share and a big backyard to explore.  Malcomb learned about stairs. It’s not a good idea to try to go downstairs backwards. The television was also captivating.  Although Malcomb has a prematurely gray muzzle, when playing ball or playing with our daughter’s two-year-old “brown dog” a much younger Labrador retriever appears.  The only time Malcomb barks his deep bark is when he is anticipating the next time the ball will be thrown in the backyard. Zeus is teaching Malcomb how to be a watchdog.  The “boys” sit or stand on the couch next to the front window.  Zeus does the barking. Thankfully, Malcomb quietly watches and just wags his tail. Over the years we’ve found that having two Labradors keeps life exciting.  The dogs enjoy being together.  It is a gift to be able to keep up with our two “senior” dogs.  Zeus and Malcomb are both gentle dogs. Their previous owners cared for them and now we have the opportunity to share our lives with them.  We are grateful for all that Safe Harbor Lab Rescue does to support not only the dogs but also their new forever owners.