Good-natured Maple Syrup, a ten-year-old stray, was referred to us by a local humane society. Since she drank several gallons of water every day and had a rather pot-bellied appearance, they were concerned about her health.  Advanced diagnostics revealed she has Cushing’s Disease, a treatable medical condition where the body makes too much of a certain hormone.  She will be on a lifelong daily medication to keep things in balance.

Then she suddenly and unexpectedly came down with life-threatening pneumonia.  She spent seven days in Intensive Care with a fever as high as 105, dangerously low oxygen levels, and in need of advanced supportive care to survive.  It was touch and go, but happily she pulled though!  Maple Syrup also now drinks a more ladylike quantity of water and her trim figure has returned.

Maple Syrup’s care was provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Pet Wellness Clinic.


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