Marcie_201604_250pxLinda already had one sweet chocolate girl at home when she decided it was time for a second helping chocolate love. As soon as Linda met the lovely little Miss Merci, she knew she had found the perfect new addition to her family. Merci, now known as Marcie, is an adorable 7ish-month-old chocolate pup who melts in your heart as soon as you meet her.

Linda sent us an update on life with Marcie:

I met Marcie 3 weeks ago and fell in love immediately. She has a sweet disposition and has adapted to my family perfectly. Riley, my 21-month old chocolate lab, and Marcie bonded within the first couple of hours of meeting. Riley has learned to share and I have been diligent on making them both feel important and loved equally. Marcie loves my grandchildren and plays really well with them. I have had no problems with her at all.

I’ve started basic training at home and she is very smart and catching on quickly. Her big sister is helping a lot and showing her the right way of doing things. Riley just looks at her and waits patiently for Marcie to complete the task. I’m encouraged with her progress and look forward to doing more with both of them.

At this point, Marcie’s favorite toy is the ball. She loves fetching and is getting good at returning it to my feet. Marcie and Riley have learned to cooperate and take turns fetching. Marcie also loves to play with the ball by herself. Tossing it, batting it with her paws and protecting it. Tug of war and chasing are their favorite games.

I’m so happy to have this opportunity to give her a special home. She has already given Riley and me a new purpose and I look forward to many years of adventures and wonderful companionship. Thank you so much for bringing us together.

I’ve included a picture of Marcie and her big sister, Riley, on their favorite place: their bed.