As a lovely Lab lady “of a certain age”, Margie worried about what the future would bring when she found herself without permanent lodgings just as she was getting ready to settle down and enjoy her golden years. All of her worries soon disappeared when she met the wonderful couple who would become her new forever parents, longtime Safe Harbor volunteer, Ginny, and her husband, Roy.  Margie’s new life is full of fun and firsts, and she can often be found accompanying her new parents about town and on family getaways, as well as enjoying visits with their grandchildren, Caroline and Natalie.  maggie

Margie’s new mom tells her story:  On September 9th Margie’s foster mom, Leslie, brought her to meet Roy and me.  We fell in love with her – this almost-10 year old black beauty – thus, her NEW middle name (Black) – and decided right then to become her “forever family.” She is our 3rd Safe Harbor Lab and our 5th Labbie – Life is good with Labbies! 
Margie previously had limited opportunities for “new adventures” and socialization. She also has a history of being stand-offish (perhaps frightened) around men, so Roy has taken over the care of her, as suggested by a Safe Harbor volunteer –  walking her, feeding her, giving her Rimadyl twice daily for her shoulder arthritis – she prefers her pill on a small dollop of low-fat cream cheese from Roy’s finger – spoiled? Getting there. Of course, I don’t ignore her either – how could I?!!!

Margie loves walks, being brushed, and petted as well as gentle talk from us.  At first we believed Roy’s wearing his baseball cap scared her, but after a week with us, she sees this fear as “old hat!” At first, Margie showed her anxiety by drooling quite a bit during her first week with us – it helped to talk gently to her as I wiped the drool from her mouth with a tissue. She has a bed in our bedroom as well as on our couch, although we do cover it with a flannel sheet.
At first, she refused to get in the back seat of our SUV; however, a treat encourages her to “sniff n jump!” Roy no longer has to lift her 77# into the back of the car, thank goodness.   We have introduced Margie to a number of our friends and the dogs in our neighborhood as well as to Dr. Steen at Alameda East. We’ve taken her on a weekend trip with family to a mountain cabin. She went with us to worship service at our church – boy, was she “bug-eyed” – but she lay down at Roy’s feet and was a “Good Girl” – a phrase we use many times each day. She has received a Grade A on all accounts! 

Margie is pictured on adoption day, and at the mountain cabin with granddaughters, Caroline and Natalie.