The irresistible Miss Marley is a gorgeous blonde who will steal your heart with just one tilt of her head and a glimpse into her soulful brown eyes. Thanks to her new mom, Christine, there’s a new twinkle in those eyes these days, which is nicely matched by the big happy grin on her face. Marley is thriving in her new home, and with all of the love, attention, and good home cooking she’s getting, she is happily settling in to stay forever.


Christine sent us an update after Marley’s first month home: From the very beginning, Miss Marley seemed to crave affection, leaning her head on my shoulder in the car driving home to her new home. She had wonderful foster family members! Marley is a very good retriever, smart, and lovingly attentive. My vet thinks she is between 3 and 3 1/2 years old. The 3rd night with me, she started putting me to bed. Marley was 60 pounds when she arrived, now has gained at least 5 pounds, well on the way to the vet’s goal of between 70-75 pounds.

I am very grateful to Patty and all others associated with the good work of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, and would highly recommend this as a resource to others. And as I write this, Miss Marley is sound asleep on the rug by me…..both of us happy that she is home. And I am firmly convinced that SHE rescued ME!!!