Just wanted to share our continued joy with you all.  Today, May 9, 2020, is Mason’s one year adoption anniversary….and he is still making us smile endlessly.  He is now a perfect 66 lbs and is a very handsome almost two years old. He is voice control trained 85% of the time, runs like the wind, and is always looking for an adventure.  He loves to go, go, go, play ball, play stick, swim, roll (sometimes in things smelly).  He has camped in Colorado, New Mexico, and wintered in Arizona. He likes the desert, but loves the forest the best. He is one of the most popular fellows at the dog park.  Loves to sleep on the bed with us, but is quite the bed hog, doesn’t work for us so much. So we can’t thank Safe Harbor Lab Rescue enough for placing this furever Lab in our home…we would have never missed this opportunity for anything…he’s the best.  God bless you for all you do for the Labs.