Young Mason is sooo excited to announce that he is the proud owner of his very own forever dad! Yep, it’s true. Mason adopted his new dad, Brad, earlier this summer and they recently sent us an update to let us know how much fun they’ve been having ever since. Mason accompanies his dad almost everywhere he goes, including to their workplace, where Mason takes his new job as Director of Greetings (DOG) very seriously. Mason is thriving, learning, and truly coming into his own with Brad’s help, and these two guys seem to have been made for each other.

Brad tells us:  I live alone and own my own business so I have a very active life. I was looking for a companion that I could share my life with and wanted to help a dog in need of a good home, so I looked for a long time online for dogs needing to be adopted. I found Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and was able to find and meet Scooter. He was outgoing, friendly, and seemed to be a good fit for my active life so I went for it and adopted him. I renamed him Mason so he could have a fresh start with a new name for his new life. Mason was timid about the new surroundings at first and he wasn’t experienced with having his own yard to play in, but he has learned to love his new forever home. As a business owner I have the ability to bring him to work with me every day, and he loves all the attention he gets from coworkers and customers alike. He is so well-behaved that he fits right in with our busy days and everyone just loves him to death. He loves playing with his toys out in the yard, going for rides in the car, lounging on the couch, and being with me every minute of the day. He’s come so far in the couple months we’ve been together and has gained a lot of confidence. I’m so lucky to have been given the opportunity to help this great dog to have a better life and filling the need for a companion in all my activities is just a bonus. Thank you to everyone at Safe Harbor for everything you do.