Nine-month-old Mason snuggled his way into Carol and Harold’s hearts and soon became their newest forever family member. This very good boy has been working hard to catch up on his lessons and is doing his puppy best to be a (mostly) good little brother to his lovely Lab sister, Aspen. Young Mason couldn’t be happier to have traded a life on the streets for all the comforts of home, and this newly-minted family man is gaining confidence every day and looking forward to all the adventures ahead.

Mason’s parents sent us an update on their handsome new pup: After recently putting down two 15-year-old yellow Lab sisters five months apart, we never expected to find such a great little dog from a shelter — and all the way from Kansas, too, Mason has been an absolute joy, bringing so much life and pleasure to our family….except for the cats…not so much. He is so eager to please and although our 3-1/2-year-old adopted yellow, Aspen, is overwhelmed by his “puppy” behavior, they really do complement each other.

We have had Mason for a month now.  Without knowing about his previous training…we basically had to start over. He now sits, comes (most of the time), is learning to walk nice on a leash, loves to go for rides in the car, swimming, runs like the wind, and camping. He is a real cuddle bug, loves to sleep on the sofa or bed….and we can’t go anywhere without him wanting to come with.  He is really adapting to being with us and becoming quite secure that he is in his furever home. We have always said that if “God had created Labradors first, there would be no other breeds.” You can never feel lonely with a Lab, but of course we are Lab lovers!