When six-year-old Mattie needed a new place to hang her leash and stash her food bowl, along came Randy and Chris who promised her two square meals a day, frequent family strolls, and an endless supply of love and care. Mattie has moved in with her new family and tells us that life is grand and the living is easy, and she couldn’t be happier that her new parents chose her to come sit and stay with them forever.

Randy and Chris report:

We adopted Mattie about six weeks ago and she is doing great. She was a bit uncertain when she arrived but has settled in nicely. We walk her twice a day and she loves to roll in the snow. We have been working on her commands. She is great with “sit” and “shake” but “come” is more of a request to her at this point. We’ll work on that. She enjoys a little popcorn with us on movie nights. We love her, and we are so glad Mattie came to live with us. Thanks to everyone a Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing Mattie to us.