Rover is now Maverick, and there will be no more roving for this very special Lab. At two years old, young Maverick is wise beyond his years and a friend to all he meets. This lovely, gentle boy is now living the sweet life that he deserves with his new mom, Neale, her teenage son, Brody, and canine sister, Lacey.

Neale sent us an update on her new boy:

My son, Brody, and I welcomed Maverick (known as Rover at the time) into our home in June and he is everything we had hoped for in a dog and so much more.

Despite coming from the streets as a stray, Maverick is sweet and trusting. He is friendly to everyone he meets and made friends with our Lacey, a Lab/Aussie mix, immediately. He loves going to work with me at Heritage Pet where he happily plays with other dogs all day. Maverick has quickly mastered sit, stay, up and off. He is getting better every day about not jumping up on people, and he knows “go to your spot” means his couch (yeah, he has his own). He is gentle with our rat, Floki, and even shares his couch with him. He walks like a gentleman with Lacey on the dual leash and loves his early morning runs and hikes with mom.

Maverick is a beloved member of our family and we can’t thank Safe Harbor Lab Rescue enough for bringing us together. His foster mom, Madeline, was fantastic and the whole organization made the adoption process seamless. They found us the perfect fella and for that we will always be grateful to everyone who took Maverick in, cared for him and helped him find his way to our home.