Four-year-old Max has a lot to wag about these days as he settles into the family life with Mike and Alicia. He is thrilled to have also gained two canine siblings, and while his new Lab brother has already given him a hearty paws up, his new big sister tells us that she is withholding her final vote until he learns to curb his enthusiasm a bit more. Ever the optimist, Max has no doubt that he will win her over very soon.

Alicia and Mike sent us an update on their new pup: We are so happy to welcome Max to our family pack! He joins fellow Safe Harbor alum 12-year-old Gibson (pictured) and 11-year-old mix breed Maya (camera shy) as well as humans Mike and Alicia. Max and Gibson have become best buds and Max has even added some pep to Gibson’s step. After initially getting along great, Maya has had some challenges adapting to Max’s young Lab energy level but with the help of a trainer to teach Maya some patience and Max some doggy manners, we are well on the way to one big happy family!

The training has really shown what a smart boy Max is as he has picked up his new commands and adapted to his new home very quickly. We are looking forward to sharing many years with Max!