Max has a lot to say and lets his new family know…daily. The five-year-old chocolate’s motto could be carpe diem, as he is always smiling and ready to go with a toy in his mouth and tail in a wag. A dog in touch with his human traits and a perpetual need to be at Dawn and Chris’s side. As time passes, he gives more time to Cody, his four-legged brother. Max is the junior canine member of the household and is still learning from his big brother, whether playing chase or trying to use his new forever family as a dog bed. It all seems to be a happy beginning!

Dawn sent us an update:  Max is doing great. Here is a little bit about Max. 

Max has been a wonderful addition to the family.  He brings an exuberant personality; the epitome of a lab – always smiling, happy, and ready to play. He greets us each morning with one of his toys brought to our bedside while he “talks” to us.

With each week that goes by, we see more and more of his personality.  He came to us with a touch separation anxiety – he always wanted to be with his humans, even though he has a 4-legged “brother”.  Historically we have found its finding a dog’s personal preference – what do they like to keep them busy, do they want some music, talk radio, lights dim… after trial and error, some training, treats, and time, he is getting comfortable knowing we return home each time we leave.

We have learned he is a fan of the frisbee.  He and his brother enjoy a little tug and then they will retrieve it together.  Sometimes a game of chase will break out as well.  He definitely watches his brother and learns what to do from him, this has included his attempt to be a lap dog. 

Thanks to the Safe Harbor volunteers for all that you do for these wonderful pups. 

Thanks to Connie for fostering and facilitating Max!