From the moment they met, two-year-old Max and his new dad, George, knew they were meant to be together, and they’ve been making the most of every day since. A natural blond with a nose for adventure, an eye for beautiful scenery, and four paws that are always ready to hit the trail, Max is in his element when exploring the great outdoors with his dad by his side.

George sent us an update on life with his new boy:

When I saw Max’s photo on the SHLR website, smiling slyly while getting a belly rub, I knew that he was the one. At his foster home, he greeted me with exuberance, and then slept with his head in my lap on the drive home. Hard not to fall in love with this handsome boy. At home, Max adapted immediately. Luckily I’m retired and get to be his companion 24/7, because he would prefer to keep his eyes on me at all times! While still on his best behavior after only a month in his new home, Max seems to have made a great transition.

Max loves to show his true nature once he gets outdoors. Hiking on the trail, he is nose down, leading the way. Every side trail gets explored, and every other dog we meet gets an invitation to play. At home, Max amuses himself with endless power chew toys, even when he’s making sure I haven’t gotten too far out of his line of sight. Family members get the same love. All in all, I really feel like I got lucky, since Max and I have made a lifetime match.