Maxx and Ruger are quite the pair!  They’re a pair of Labs, a pair of pals, a band of brothers, and a whole lot of love on eight paws.  This dapper duo is now home to stay, and they are happily sharing their enthusiasm for life, soft beds, and all things critter with their fabulous new parents, Nicole and Ed.  Although these boys are only about eight years old, they’re already quite the aspiring writers and wanted to tell their “tail” in their own woofs:The Maxx Ruger Story as told by Maxx and Ruger;Hey guys at the Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, we really, really love it here!  They call it ‘Hound Heaven’; our vet says when the canyon dogs pass away and go to Heaven they have to ask for an upgrade, because they have already been living in Heaven! Ruff Ruff!Thanks for keeping us together; we still are the ‘Inseparable Brothers!”  Thanks for placing us with our new Mom and Dad, they really love us! We live up here on some property and are always outside, taking long hikes, or chasing squirrels. They keep us safe from the wildlife.  We have seen wild turkeys and even a Moose and a baby calf.  I think our Mom went a little crazy on the dog beds though, we have them everywhere, but that is good because we follow her around to every room and takeNaps whenever we can and get a lot of belly rubs in between all the fun!On the weekends they take us to a place called Grand Lake!  We get to ride in the truck and even go further into the mountains. We can’t remember what a sidewalk even looks like!  They take us to the water, and on more hikes; they even named a mountain after Us; The Maxx Ruger Ridge!  We hike there all the time, last weekend there were some Elk sleeping up there on our Ridge.  We hear we are going to go boating, water skiing, and fishing this summer. We’ll catch up again and tell you all about it.  It has been a fun 9 months and we are definitely here to stay!  Many thanks to Lisa P. and to Sam and Jen for fostering these handsome boys!