Ever since Keni and Skip added a four-year-old black Lab beauty named Mercy (formerly Midnight) to the family, her new Golden Retriever sister, Mana O’Lana, hasn’t stopped wagging with delight about having a brand new member join her in the Four-Legged Club. In between family walks and playtime with her sister, Mercy has been studying hard and impressing her parents and classmates with her smarts and manners as she works diligently towards her advanced doggy degrees.

Mercy’s new mom tells us: “We decided to call Midnight, “Mercy.” My husband thought it was a good idea since the world needs lots of it! Mercy just finished Practical Obedience I at “Positive Pups” in Castle Rock. She was the star of the class! She is very eager to please and is of course motivated by treats. Practical Obedience II start October 28th and we’ll be doing agility in the spring.

The best part is that Mana o’ Lana (Hope in Hawaiian), who is 8, is her happy self again. Mana has grieved the loss of her Mother who died in January at 14 and a half. Mana and Mercy wrestle together, when they are not snoozing together, or having a walk about on the property together.”

We are so happy to have Mercy. Life is good. Thank you for the great work you do!