Sweet, lovable one-year-old Mia, has a spring in her step and an ever-wagging tail after a warm welcome into her forever home. Meggan and Marc along with their handsome son, Drake, are looking forward to new adventures with Mia and her new four-legged companion, Cash. Cash had a special story of his own being a SHLR alumni, and he had the status of only dog for this admirable family. So, prior to bringing Mia into the fold, they knew that Cash’s approval would be necessary. Meggan tells the story beautifully about how that introduction led to Mia’s unforgettable adoption. We are thrilled to say the family opened up their arms and Mia jumped right in.

MIA! After the passing of our beloved 15-year-old chocolate Lab Emma, which shortly followed the passing of our 10-year-old black Lab Stella, we, like many others, have spoken those famous last words: “We are never getting another dog”. The loss was just too hard! We did still have one dog, Cash Money our 4-year-old chocolate (aka. Little Bear) from SHLR. We were going to be a one dog family and that was it.  As the time passed, Cash became very depressed and sad due to the loss of his sisters, so we decided we would start looking just to see what dogs were available. As always, our search lead us to SHLR!

I contacted Sue from the transport team because I knew her from my days of volunteering with SHLR. We had no real expectations because of course, we were just looking.  We filled out the application and once approved, we were notified of a dog in foster care and decided to take Cash to their home and see how they got along. We reminded ourselves that we were just looking and by no means did we expect the welcome we were given. The dogs took off in Sarah’s (Foster mom) backyard like long lost friends!  The search was over and Mia was going to be ours.  Not only was she ours but we just couldn’t believe someone could give up such a wonderful dog, however, we are so thankful they did.  Since our adoption, Mia has been the most amazing dog.  She is so many things to our family. She is our running partner, Cash’s playmate, our hiking buddy, our barn dog, our protector, our sleeping partner, and a member of our family! Every day we spend with her we are reminded of how strong the human animal bond can truly be…we love her so much.  Thank you SHLR for all the work you do and for bringing Mia into our lives!

Many thanks to our dedicated Volunteers, Sarah and Steve, for Fostering Mia!