mia_2099Mia has settled in with her new family at the farmhouse. This four-year-old girl is up every day with the chickens, and has found both furry and feathered friends, large and small to play with. Pam, Chad and the kids Seth, Sara, and Scott had a Lab shaped hole in their hearts and wanted to bring joy back into their home. After seeing Mia’s silly antics, they knew that she was the one that could do that. The vote was unanimous that she would be going home with them. Miss Mia can’t imagine life without her family and wants you to know that you are welcome to visit, but that she is home, and home to stay!

We lost our “Jewel” in July 2016 to Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). Jewel was our lab rescue dog that we had for 11 years and our home was feeling very empty. On October 2, 2016, we went to meet Mia at her foster mom’s house for the first time. We decided then to bring her home with us. Mia has added so much laughter and happiness back into our lives and we sure do love and treasure her. She has settled right into our lives and home. Mia is very well behaved and loving so we can tell that she was loved and cared for in her previous home. Mia loves her three new kids very much, Seth- 18, Sara- 15 and Scott- 12. She enjoys snuggles, sleeping on our beds and exploring our property. She has fit in well with our chickens, cats, and horses. Our indoor cat, Tinker has begun to try to play with Mia. It sure is funny to watch! We are a home school family, so Mia enjoys her time with us almost 24/7. She goes places with us and doesn’t spend much time alone. She enjoys many walks during the day out to the barn to do chores and she always has a ball ready and waiting to be thrown. We have so much love for our new lab-baby and are so glad that she has become a part of our family. Thank you, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue!mia-2