When our shelter partner called and asked us to help with thirteen-year-old Mike, a stray senior, we didn’t hesitate to welcome this elegant gentleman. He came to us with sore joints, severe dental disease, and a suspicious mass on his leg. Mike, a gentle soul with a heart of gold, was also very anxious about being left alone. Pain meds and supplements were prescribed to help his mobility, and after the mass was removed and after he had dental, he clearly felt even better. After several weeks with his foster family, he finally began to feel more relaxed. “You know,” said his foster mom, “Mike finally feels safe and secure, and I think he feels like he’s home at last. He doesn’t need to move again . . . he’s home!” Mike and his family enjoyed each other’s company for over seven months. Over those months together his foster mom remarked more than once, “I’m not sure who rescued who.”