Five-month-old Radar now proudly answers to his new name, Miles, and he is thoroughly enjoying the life of an active mountain dog with his parents, Chris and Christie.  As busy as he has been, this sweet boy still found the time to send a note and fill everyone in on his fabulous new life and latest adventures.

We recently received this update:

Hello, my name is Miles!  My journey from the plains of Kansas to the high Rocky Mountains was a long and scary one.  I was adopted by my new family on the first of July, and it’s been non-stop fun and learning ever since.  The summer is glorious at 9,000 feet, and we’ve made good use of the outdoors by hiking, camping, and playing every day.  On our hikes together my new Mama and Papa have shown me clear mountain lakes, which I’m gaining the confidence to swim in, and frosty snow fields, which I love to play in (and go a little crazy).  I’m told that there will be plenty of snow once winter comes, and I can help my Papa with his Ski Patrol duties.  When I get home, I’ll get to snuggle with Mama by the fire.

I really enjoy my daily trainings because I get a treat every time I do something right.  Mama and Papa are pretty easy to please.  One of the neatest things I’ve gotten to do is help the ultra-marathoners at a couple of 100-mile races (hint: that’s where my new name comes from).  I’m glad to assist the athletes with sniffs, kisses, and wags of encouragement.  Plus, I get to wear a cool red vest.