After a rough start in life and some much needed medical care, five-month-old Kira was all fixed up and ready to jump paws first into the next chapter of her life.  Since you can’t keep such a sweet chocolate treat under wraps for long, Heather and Raul soon heard about this lovely little Lab and thought she might be the one for them.  They made a date to meet her, and a few wags later the deal was sealed with puppy kisses, and little Kira was on her way home.
Heather and Raul filled us in on life with their new pup, now known as Miley:
We are so happy to have Miley (formerly Kira) join our family. She has been settling in nicely.  Everyone who meets her quickly has smiles on their faces because Miley greets everyone with wiggly enthusiasm. She follows our older lab, Luna (SHLR alum), around everywhere and is concerned if they are ever separated.  We love that when they come inside from playing they are happy and tired.
We have been working on her manners and starting formal training with Miley later this month.  She has quickly learned that long walks are fun and we had better have our shoes on if we mention the word “walk”!  When she wakes up in the morning, she insists on waking up everyone else too. It is a great way to get sleepy teenagers up and going! She loves for us to throw a ball but isn’t the best at bringing it back yet. Luna will often beat her to the ball but Miley likes to sneak up on her and take it. She loves it when Luna chases her around the yard!  We are looking forward to taking her on hikes and other adventures.  It is so fun to watch her and see her wonderful excitement when seeing new things!