It wasn’t long after one-year-old Minnie first set paw in her foster home with Michelle and Brad that she realized what a wonderful spot she had landed in. Although she’d been told that she would only be with her foster family for a short while until a forever family came along, young Minnie quickly decided that she was already home to stay, thank you very much. Now the only thing left to do was to show her foster parents how much fun and frolic and general good cheer she could add to their lives, so Minnie turned on all of her considerable chocolate puppy charm and soon convinced them that she was meant to stay forever. Ms. Minnie is now living the Lab dream in her new home and has proudly taken on the role of assistant trainer and entertainer of any new foster dogs who come to visit.

Michelle and Brad tell us: Daisy was renamed Minnie (a.k.a., Minnie the Menace). Fortunately we knew what we were in for when we adopted her and we’ve loved every minute of it. It only took a day or two for Minnie to train us that all doors need to be closed and all shoes put away. She enjoys running in the morning and visiting the Chatfield Dog Park 3-4 times per week where she can get the “zoomies” out of her system. Minnie is always ready for some type of vigorous exercise! Afterwards she loves to snuggle on the couch. She’s not content to sit next to you – instead she prefers to lay ON you. She also enjoys snagging socks or napkins and then standing in her “Wonder Woman” pose showing off her prize (see photo). The past few weeks she’s helped us foster Blake – she and Blake enjoy chasing each other, wrestling and stealing toys from each other. We’re so happy Minnie is part of our lives.