Twelve-year-old Missy was left at a shelter on a wintry day shortly before Christmas. A happy soul with a variety of health issues, the shelter staff asked if we would take her as a hospice pup. Her foster mom, an oncology nurse, was delighted to welcome her and, along with our vets, provided exceptional care for Missy for the over two-and-a-half years she was with us.

She remembers Missy:

“Missy brought so much joy to my life and to the lives of many others.  She had an incredible Facebook following (I posted about her a lot).  I was asked at least daily — at work, in the neighborhood, by my mom — how she was doing.

One day while on a walk some little boys were in the front yard playing with their grandpa.  They wanted to come over and say hello.  Missy Girl welcomed some petting. Their grandpa started asking me questions. I explained our situation, that Missy was in hospice care with me.  ‘What do you mean hospice?!  What’s her treatment?’  I explained – “treats, walks…and lots of love.”  The grandpa bent down to be eye level with the boys.  “Boys, did you know that this old girl is sick?  And guess what her medicine is?  It’s love.”  Yep, Missy was a blessing.”