Mocha was a treasure in our lives! Prior to coming to us, she had endured many hardships, among them was having surgery to remove a tumor – twice! When we adopted Mocha in 2013, we had a yellow Lab, Kaya and a black Lab, Mesa. The three of them had amazingly fun time together. A couple of years along, Mocha needed a CCL replacement and she was like a new dog after that. She enjoyed daily walks, playing at the dog park near us and wonderful times at our cabin. She followed scents like crazy and we swear she was part bloodhound! For the last two years, it has been Mocha and Mesa and they still played when they could, not for as long as when they were younger, but short bursts of energy really made them happy.

We are saddened that Mocha declined so quickly over two weeks due to cancer, and we had to say goodbye on February 12, 2021. Our lives were blessed by Mocha and we know she felt blessed as well. Rescuing a dog is so important and we thank SHLR for helping us help Mocha!