Since joining Cheryl and AJ’s family, young Mocha wakes up every morning, checks her calendar, and sees that it’s going to be the best day ever.  With three teenage kids to call her own and wonderful active parents who make sure that her dog days are filled with fun, frolic, and plenty of adventure, this charming chocolate beauty is definitely living the Lab dream. 
Mocha’s family writes:
We adopted Rosie from SHLR when she was six months old and met her in her foster parents home. We had pre-decided to name our first pet “Mocha” and she looked exactly like Mocha would look. We were surprised to learn that her foster parents had also named her Mocha. We felt an instant connection with her when we met her and decided right there that she was going to be “The One. 
Mocha is very sweet, friendly and always gets over-excited to meet everyone – be it fellow dogs or people. She feels it imperative to jump on everyone to show her affection. At home, she doesn’t like to leave her “pack” for a single minute and will happily tail us to every room where we go. And, if anyone of us goes out, she will keep a hawks eye on the door of our “last seen location.”  Mocha is the undisputed Queen of Tug-of-War and holds the title of Speed Racer of our household. 

Her favorite daily activity is to go for long walks in the neighborhood and considers it her duty to stop and smell every spot along the way. However, on mountain trails she is a whole different animal. She goes trailblazing like she is in a marathon. It makes climbs very easy for us because she literally drags us uphill. Outdoors – check!
Mocha has made it clear to us that water in liquid form is for drinking purposes only – not for getting a bath. But in the form of snow, it is great fun! She will try to catch snowflakes with her mouth, roll over in snow and dig into every snowbank in sight. Snow – check! 
She started off being a little afraid of these big metal monsters which seem to roll around on four wheels, but quickly learned that an open window, a cool breeze and her head in the midst of it all made an awesome combination. Long road trips – check! 
All those check marks make Mocha a perfect Colorado dog. All she needs now is to learn to drive our Subaru … 

Many thanks to Kathy C. for fostering Mocha/Rosie!