What is brown and white and sweet all over, and can’t wait to become the perfect topping on your family tree? Ana and Mike knew that the answer to this riddle was a delightful, distinguished, chocolate Lab lady named Mocha, and they awarded themselves the first place prize when they adopted Mocha and brought her home. At eight-years-young, Mocha still has a lifetime’s worth of love, cuddles, and companionship left to share, and she and her new family all know that the best is yet to come.

Mocha’s new parents write: Our family is filled with gratitude and love for our energetic and sweet Mocha. She fits our family perfectly like a lifelong companion, contently snuggling next to us. Mocha enjoys belly rubs, fetching endless tennis balls, car rides and neighborhood walks, always curiously and happily sniffing her surroundings. Her favorite outing has been to the pet store, making new friends, both two and four-legged. She loves them all!

Mocha’s sweet and social spirit shines thru her smiling eyes, gentleness, eagerness to please, and loyalty following us everywhere! Our only regret is not having her as part of our family as a puppy eight years ago, but our vet said “her love was meant to be shared with many.” We are eager to give her the best senior years in her new forever home! Thanks, Safe Harbor and the Mocha’s foster family for introducing Mocha to our fuller and happier family.
Thank you, Ana and Mike, for giving this chocolate frosted beauty the truly wonderful happily ever after that she deserves. Nothing is better than seeing one of our senior Labs find the perfect place to love and be loved.