“Good golly,” woofed Miss Molly when she learned about her new forever family. “Bunnies and birds and kids, oh my!,” she happily exclaimed when she learned that in addition to her wonderful new parents, Judith and Evron, she was also getting three(!) kids of her very own as well as a rabbit brother and two parakeet siblings. “What a very lucky girl I am,” Molly added as she hopped in the car and joined her parents for the ride home.  Still just an overgrown pup at about 1.5 years old, Molly can look forward to a lifetime of love, laughter  and adventure as the resident family Lab.

Molly’s parents recently sent us an update on their new pup:

We picked her up two weeks ago now and couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you to Andrea and Mike for being her wonderful foster parents! She has settled in nicely and makes us laugh all the time — she can be so goofy at times. The first week she was here she hardly ever relaxed. She kept checking on all the family members and made sure we were all still here. Now she can often be found on the couch, head on a kid’s lap and chilling. Teaching her that the pet rabbit is not a mid-morning snack for her has been a little rough, but now she will show off how nicely she can walk by his cage, completely ignore the rabbit and then come to us for a treat. She is so cute. And she loves jumping into the ice cold river and splash around!  Things are going well and we are looking forward to teaching her and us more communication skills with our local dog training classes.