Molly is one organized pup. She likes to adhere to her schedule and might even keep time with her always moving tail. This sweet black Lab sure has it together in her one short year, yet she knows the joys of play with her new canine brother. Even with a full life in her new forever home, Molly finds observing the world one of her most satisfying pastimes.

Here is an update:

Good Golly Miss “Molly” came into our lives on December 4, 2022. She met our boy Riley (crazy doodle) on sight. They hit it off and we instantly loved her demeanor and spunk.

She is so quick to learn as we later found out she’s 1% Lab, 50% hound, remaining 49% makes up many breeds (border collie, boxer, pit bull…. ), so we feel like we have a pooch who is every dog we ever wanted to own!

First things first, every morning she loves her belly rubs to get the day going. Breakfast — never misses a meal! Then it’s play, walk (loves), sniffing games and oh more playtime with brother.

My favorite things about Molly — quick to transition, she will do a low voice to let you know she wants attention or to go out, etc,, leans into you for rubs, gazes at you with her pretty brown eyes, and her tail is always wagging. She is a joy and wonderful addition. We love her so much!

Grandson loves Molly. Watching out window is a favorite pastime. Soulful eyes. Loves to ride.

Thanks to Rover Stay and Play for fostering Molly!